privacy is taken very seriously
privacy is taken very seriously

privacy is taken very seriously

At Pirvnota, privacy is taken very seriously, since the main purpose of the site is to preserve it. This policy outlines the measures taken by Pirvnota to protect the privacy of its users.

1. Service description

Pirvnota is a free web based service that allows users to create encrypted notes that they can share over the internet as unique one-time-use HTTPS URLs (hereafter referred to as links) which by default expire after its first access via any web browser.

As Pirvnota does not provide any means for transmitting the link, the act of sending the link is the full responsibility of Pirvnota users.

Depending on the communication channel of your choice (e.g., e-mail, fax, SMS, phone, instant messaging, social media), there may be a certain risk that third parties intercept your communication, get knowledge of the communicated link and thus may be able to read your note.

2. How the notes and its contents are processed

The link is generated in the user’s browser and at no time is sent as such to Pirvnota. The link is thus in the sender’s (and later possibly in the recipient’s) hands only. Therefore, there is no way to recover a note if a Pirvnota user losses the link.