Tips for Choosing a Right Web Development Company
Tips for Choosing a Right Web Development Company

Tips for Choosing a Right Web Development Company

I have heard of client’s burning their fingers working with web development companies, which either did not have the expertise to work on their projects or were too busy with their existing projects. Based on my interaction with my clientele, here is the list that would help you in choosing the Right Vendor for your web3 developer jobs :

1. Understand the Technologies company works on:

Web design and development is a vast field and though a company might come across a company that works on variety of technologies. Please get a list of technologies they work on. I am sure that names like php, joomla,.NET, WordPress won’t make sense to me but for the sake of understanding, read about them on some of the easily available web resources like Wikipedia on web. It’s imperative to understand that there is a difference in between website design and software development.

2. Portfolio Check:

The latest trend to have hit the market is where everyone claims to have worked on every single project. My advice is get a list of work done by this web development company in past and then do a thorough search on the claims made by your vendor.

3. Quality v/s Cost:

You would have probably heard it thousand times ‘Quality never comes Cheap’ and believe me it holds true till date. For those of you looking for a cheap work, please don’t get it done, as this is something that you won’t be doing every month. For a start, your web presence and software you use reflect your business and are an important step to your business automation. Spend the right amount of money for your job.

4. Maintenance:

Understand the Maintenance clause of the company and be assured that website Maintenance or software Maintenance is covered for a proper time frame in the contract.

5. Payment Terms:

Always have a milestone based structure and before paying for the next milestone, ensure that the last milestone has been executed properly with a proper Quality Assurance Test.

At your end, you need to be very sure on what you are asking your vendors. In software industry, a company incurs expense based on hourly cost and any updates in requirements will lead to increase in cost, which you should be ready to bear.

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